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Vancouver Photographer Karen Moe is committed to creating Beauty and has always wanted to photograph people and pets, both in a studio setting and in locations that complement her client’s unique features and personalities. In September 2009, Karen moved in to her East Vancouver live/work studio and started to put this desire into practice. During her fourteen-year fine art career, Karen has exhibited and published across Canada and the US. She is also represented by the Douglas Udell Gallery in both Vancouver and Edmonton. The sensitivity and insight she has developed as a visual artist give her the ability and joy of creating images that represent the unique qualities of both people, pets and their relationships.

When photographing people, Karen has developed a shooting method that she has named a ‘Technique of Empathy’ where, through conversation, memory and humour, Karen is able to capture feelings that animate a deeper sense of her clients’ expressions and posture. As many of her fine art projects have focused on animals, specializing in pet photography is a natural development in Karen Moe’s photographic career. Her love for animals both as individuals and works of art is evident in the beauty and creativity of her pet portraits.

In 2008, Karen Moe published the book, "Dog", that features her photographic series, "Perros: Dog of Central Havana". While photographing every dog she saw in one week in Havana, Karen discovered both her emotional and aesthetic passion for dogs. Her love of dogs as both individuals and members of families and her artistic and philosophical commitment to animal/human relationships gives Karen the privilege of creating unique portraits that both exemplify and complement her clients’ extraordinary lives. Karen’s skills and insights as an artist grace these photographic experiences as works of art. These philosophies and practices are at the center of Karen Moe Photography.

Karen Moe Photography offers High-End Dog Art Portrait Shoots, Commercial Photography for Dog-related Businesses, Cat Portraits and, Children, Family, Head Shots and Portrait Photography. She is also an expert in Photo-Restoration.

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